Welcome to iON Consultants

Hello and welcome to our new business, iON Consultants.

John and I are very excited about the proposition that we have - a new business with great ideas, energy and an ambition to impart our experience to the market place and to make a difference.

Having worked in the health, safety and environmental field for over 20 years, we have seen a lot of change in the application of health and safety law in the workplace. Having started our career together in 1997 working for the Health and Safety Executive national telephone Infoline service, we have both been exposed to a wide range of experiences from those early days until recently when managing large and complex estates.

We have both worked in small and large organisations and as such we have experienced a wide range of challenges and successes in terms of identifying risks and managing them.

I suppose I could be called a general practitioner, but have focused my attention in asbestos consultancy, construction safety and CDM and most recently as part of the senior property management team at Royal Mail managing risks across this very large and aged estate.

From dealing with serious accidents to working with the unions, and working within an ever-changing business landscape, there was never a dull moment. Of course, working with the people, be them colleagues, contractors or partners, this was always the best bit, which is why I am so passionate about delivering compliance services to the UK business market, working with people!

John on the other hand moved away from being a technical practitioner to the world of strategic business development, although staying close to his roots within the compliance market. He worked in various divisions of National Britannia, where we both worked for a decade, learning and gaining a wide experience in disciplines such as occupational hygiene, occupational health, emissions monitoring, environmental management, asbestos, health and safety and training - a real all-rounder! He helped PLCs to establish footholds for new ventures in the UK market, and then focused his attentions in the asbestos consultancy market, helping several large national organisations to stand out from the crowd.

As leaders of our business, we believe we have the necessary skills and abilities that customers need. We have established some key objectives for our approach and these are based around listening and identifying sustainable and cost effective solutions, delivering assurance and quality and delivering compelling and excellent customer service.

If we can deliver on these aims, we will make a difference and be a success.

We would love to hear from you if you read this and feel you have a need of support or any advice you may have for a fledgling business.

Thank you.


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