Spotlight on our asbestos management services

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

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As a team, we have many years experience of asbestos management from all angles - the duty holder, consultant and contractor. This experience has taught us what good looks like in terms of asbestos identification and management on many levels.

As duty holders, we procured, managed and assured the services of both asbestos consultants and licensed contractors in large scale surveying, inspection and remediation programmes.

As consultants, we worked in technical and assurance positions responsible for delivering high quality asbestos consultancy services including surveying, inspections, sampling, testing and monitoring. We also worked in commercial capacities in both consultancies and contractors, building partnerships, delivering excellent customer services and driving value into service provision.

As contractors, we built knowledge base and identified solutions to the challenges that face the whole industry in terms of getting the basics right and delivering quality services on site.

With this pooled experience, we have the capability, knowledge and insight in the design and delivery of our duty holder services, asbestos supplier procurement, project management and assurance.

Compliance Audit

We offer duty holders an asbestos compliance audit designed to measure compliance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 and identifying strengths and weaknesses and ultimately developing an action plan for improvements.

The audit process involves reviewing policies and procedures, consulting with stakeholders and inspecting premises. We present our findings to you and your team and work collaboratively to fill the gaps and deliver enhanced compliance.

This is form of audit is useful in a number of circumstances but particularly when reviewing general compliance with an asset or portfolio of buildings built prior to 1999.

Supplier Procurement

We operate a carefully procured framework of asbestos consultants and licensed asbestos removal contractors both regionally and nationally that have been carefully selected to deliver a wide range of reactive and proactive support services. These arrangements can be used for small projects through to large scale complex project anywhere in the UK.

We are also able to develop client specific frameworks based on project or client agreed criteria. These types of arrangements are designed together with the client and stakeholders and key performance indicators built in at the procurement phase for measurement during the delivery phase.

Project Management

Once suppliers are procured, we are able to manage your project needs. This involves a range of activities including designing and developing specification of works for either survey projects or remediation works. The benefit of having independent experts develop survey and remediation works is that the client expectations are built in at an early stage and that these are achievable and can be delivered compliantly.

We will liaise with all suppliers to ensure the project expectation are understood and delivered on time and within budget. We can support single site projects through to multi-site complex projects anywhere in the UK.

Quality Assurance

The element that cements all our asbestos management services together is delivering quality.

We are passionate about delivering quality assurance into the construction projects we get involved in. We have first hand experience of designing, implementing and monitoring quality management systems into businesses and projects and this forms the central activity from the procurement process through delivery to practical completion.

We work closely with clients and suppliers to establish the level of quality expected and then work together to deliver it. Working with suppliers, both on site and remotely, we drive quality control into the process through a range of activities including site audits, monitoring compliance with best practice and supporting suppliers with making improvements.

We verify specifications of work to ensure they are suitable and achievable, we verify survey information through a process of quality control checks, we verify four stage clearance following asbestos remediation through site checks and post remedial work audits, we assure your projects.


Information and training in asbestos is crucial for getting your staff to buy in to your processes and procedures, to work safely and is a legal requirement. We are able to deliver a range of training courses either directly or through our partners including asbestos awareness, managing asbestos in buildings and tailored courses to client specific requirements.

Expert Witness

We have the necessary experience and knowledge to act as an independent expert witness in asbestos. 

We believe we have a unique offering to duty holders - whether there is a need to measure risk through survey or re-inspection, a need to reduce and manage risk through remediation or have a refurbishment or development planned.

Please contact us for advice and support or if you would like more information on how we could help.