iON Consultants secures SSIP accreditation

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We are passionate about demonstrating our commitment to delivering high quality health, safety and environmental consultancy services and as such, have prioritised obtaining SSIP accreditation early on in our business.

Gaining SSIP recognition through Acclaim demonstrates our Health and Safety documentation and work activities have been independently assured to be robust and appropriate.

We have combined the application for SSIP with Constructionline Gold membership which we are very close to achieving.

As consultants that deliver support services in procuring and managing SSIP health and safety accreditation schemes, we prioritised achieving these awards so we could experience first hand how organisation such as Constructionline manage the application process and understand how best to navigate the process.

It's fair to say that the process was relatively long winded and challenging for a range of reasons. The process took 4 weeks from start to finish and delays were experienced due to recent challenges including the introduction of the new Common Assessment Standard which was made available to all 47,000 suppliers and major software problems.

Please contact us for advice and support or if you would like more information on how we could help.

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