Asbestos Services

We have many years experience of working within the asbestos management market, we know what "good looks like" in terms of compliance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR).

Our experience of working in and with asbestos surveying and licensed asbestos removal contractors has given us the knowledge of how projects should be delivered from procurement to project completion, assurance being the most important aspect.

Asbestos surveying and removal can be extremely complex and costly so let us help you get it right first time - reduce the risk of project delays and spiralling costs. 


Get us involved as early as possible in your project so we can protect your project timeline, your workers and your reputation.


Our asbestos management services include the following:

Compliance Audits

We offer duty holders an asbestos compliance audit designed to identify areas of strength and weakness, that can be used to strategically improve compliance through working smart.  The audit process involves reviewing policies and procedures, consulting with stakeholders and inspecting premises. We will present our findings and work with you to fill the gaps and deliver enhanced compliance.

Supplier Procurement

We deliver tangible benefits of independent and impartial procurement of asbestos inspection and testing suppliers and licensed asbestos removal contractors.  We support duty holders with understanding their legal obligations and how best to comply. We will work together to develop suitable tender specifications and help evaluate tender returns based on an competency matrix.

Project Management

We take projects on and manage them from procurement through the delivery phase to completion and in so doing offering duty holders peace of mind. We can manage single asbestos survey and removal projects to large scale projects at either single or multiple site level. We work with the duty holder to deliver their objective on time and within budget.

Asbestos Assurance

We have a keen eye for detail and delivering quality and are able to ensure the standards expected from your suppliers are maintained through a range of assurance services including site audits, quality control checks on site paperwork and survey reports etc. Annual supplier assessment is provided with on-site checks to back up the paper-trail.

Emergency Support

Emergencies happen! We are able to provide immediate advice in emergencies and can mobilise suppliers to deal with an asbestos fibre release. We offer RIDDOR support and incident investigation in the event of accidental exposure. 


We deliver a range of training courses in asbestos including Asbestos Awareness, Managing Asbestos in Buildings, bespoke courses for property managers and can facilitate BOHS P405.

Expert Witness

We have the necessary experience and knowledge to act as an independent expert witness in asbestos. 

Contact us today for more information on the how we can help with asbestos procurement, management and assurance.